Sermons by Mr Brendan Fischer (Page 2)

It’s Not Fair

Esther 2:19-23 — These verses record a critical incident in the unfolding story of Esther.  Two of King Xerxes’ most trusted servants were planning to assassinate him and their plans were discovered by Esther’s uncle, Mordecai. What would he do with this information? What would happen afterwards? …As these questions are answered, we discover some vital…

God’s Choice For Queen

Esther 2:13-18 — In these verses we find the culmination of the King Xerxes’ plan for choosing a new queen.  It was a cruel and immoral plan and yet God used it to place just the right person, in just the right position to save His people.

The Split At Perga

Acts 13:13 — Luke records that John Mark left the missionary team when they arrived at the city of Perga. Why did he leave? And why would this become a source of great contention between Paul and Barnabas? In this sermon, Brendan answers these questions and points us to our gracious God, who is the God…

The Election Plan – Part 1

Esther 2:1-4 — The queen had been dethroned in dramatic circumstances and a new queen was needed. How was Xerxes, the ultimate egotistical tyrant, going to choose one? In this first instalment, Brendan explains the context behind the election plan.

The Sorcerer At Paphos

Acts 13:4-13 — God has given Believers many promises in Scripture but He has never promised that they would be free from opposition. Opposition is a reality as the missionaries found out on their first journey. How would they respond?

Why Are We Called Christians?

Acts 11:26 — Have you ever wondered why we are called Christians and where this term comes from? Have you ever considered what it means to be called a Christian? In this sermon, Brendan takes a detour from following Paul’s story and answers these important questions.