Persecutor Turned Proclaimer

Positive Or Negative Influence?

Acts 16:1-5 — Have you ever thought about who you influence or about how much influence you have? Everybody has some influence either positive or negative and often we have more than we realise. How much Gospel influence do you have on those around you? We are called to consider these serious questions as Pastor Brendan takes…

Contentious Christian Conflict

Acts 15:36-41 — Unfortunately contention and conflict are unavoidable this side of heaven. Even the godliest of men have disagreements that result in strife and tension. Conflict came between the great missionary team of Paul and Barnabas and it was so sharp that their partnership was broken. In this sermon, Pastor Brendan explores this story and teaches…

Are You Committed?

Acts 14:19-21 — Have you noticed that commitment seems to be a dying attribute in our world today? This is evident in just about every area of society and unfortunately the church has not been immune. …As we come to the end of Paul’s first missionary journey, we have a striking example of his unshakable commitment to…

To God Be The Glory

Acts 14:8-20 — The missionary team had faced opposition upon opposition but now finally there was an opportunity to receive some personal honour and glory. Would the missionaries take that opportunity? Would they place a greater emphasis on God’s glory or their own?

The Suffering At Iconium

Acts 14:1-7 — Spiritual opposition is a reality for every Christian who endeavours to live faithfully for the Lord Jesus Christ. Why does it come? And how should we respond? …This is what we learn as Brendan takes us through the Apostle Paul’s ministry and suffering in the city of Iconium.

The Split At Perga

Acts 13:13 — Luke records that John Mark left the missionary team when they arrived at the city of Perga. Why did he leave? And why would this become a source of great contention between Paul and Barnabas? In this sermon, Brendan answers these questions and points us to our gracious God, who is the God…

The Sorcerer At Paphos

Acts 13:4-13 — God has given Believers many promises in Scripture but He has never promised that they would be free from opposition. Opposition is a reality as the missionaries found out on their first journey. How would they respond?

Why Are We Called Christians?

Acts 11:26 — Have you ever wondered why we are called Christians and where this term comes from? Have you ever considered what it means to be called a Christian? In this sermon, Brendan takes a detour from following Paul’s story and answers these important questions.