Sermons by Mr Brendan Fischer

God’s Way Is Always The Best Way

Philippians 1:12-18 — The great missionary was under house arrest in Rome. To human eyes it seemed as though the spread of the Gospel had been thwarted, but it was all part of God’s plan for the Gospel to come to people who otherwise might not have heard it. As Pastor Brendan continues our study in…

Don’t Miss God In The Details

Esther 6 — In the unfolding story of Esther, this chapter contains a series of events that highlight the sovereign hand of God in protecting His people. Haman is unexpectedly humbled and Mordecai is surprisingly exalted. Listen as Brendan takes us through the chapter, bringing us some wonderful words of encouragement along the way.

Let It Go

Esther 5 — The inability to forgive and move on is something that plagues our world. It robs people of their peace and joy and it ruins relationships. This inability is clearly seen in the behaviour of Haman and his attitude towards Mordecai. There is much for us to learn as we consider his downward…

What Am I Born For?

Esther 4 — What am I born for? …This question is answered for Esther in this chapter which really is the turning point in the story. Brendan explains this part of narrative focusing on the providence of God and he leads us to think about this question for ourselves.

Are You Committed?

Acts 14:19-21 — Have you noticed that commitment seems to be a dying attribute in our world today? This is evident in just about every area of society and unfortunately the church has not been immune. …As we come to the end of Paul’s first missionary journey, we have a striking example of his unshakable commitment to…

The Accuser & The Advocate

Esther 3:7-15 — Haman, having devised a plan to exterminate the Jews, only had one hurdle to jump over in order to make his plan a reality and that was winning the King’s approval. In this study, Brendan takes us through Haman’s manipulative and persuasive pitch to King Xerxes.

Same Enemy New Name

Esther 3:1-6 — Right from the Garden of Eden, Satan had endeavoured to destroy the Messianic line, the “seed of the woman” who would one day crush his head. …The first two chapters of Esther have set the scene, the opening verses in chapter three reveal yet another episode in Satan’s war against God’s plan…

To God Be The Glory

Acts 14:8-20 — The missionary team had faced opposition upon opposition but now finally there was an opportunity to receive some personal honour and glory. Would the missionaries take that opportunity? Would they place a greater emphasis on God’s glory or their own?

The Suffering At Iconium

Acts 14:1-7 — Spiritual opposition is a reality for every Christian who endeavours to live faithfully for the Lord Jesus Christ. Why does it come? And how should we respond? …This is what we learn as Brendan takes us through the Apostle Paul’s ministry and suffering in the city of Iconium.

The Sermon In Pisidia

Acts 13:14-52 — The Apostle Paul preached many sermons after his conversion but his sermon in the synagogue at Pisdia is the first we have recorded in Scripture.  …In this message, Brendan opens up Paul’s sermon and uses it to teach us about the nature of preaching, our expectations and our responses.