Sermon Archive (Page 47)

Not Running Away From God

Jonah 1:3-17 — Jonah foolishly tried to do the impossible, to run away from from God! …God could’ve rightfully given up on Jonah but He didn’t. He graciously pursued him and brought him to repentance. In this sermon, we’re reminded of the grace and mercy God shows to his wayward sons and daughters.

Continuing In The Faith

Colossians 1:21-23a — The Believers at Colossae were being pressured by false teachers to deny the deity of Christ and the sufficiency of the Gospel.  In this part of the letter, Paul speaks of their reconciliation to God by the death of Christ and then urges them to continue in the faith. There is a warning…

Biblical Universalism

Colossians 1:20 — In this verse Paul tells us that “all things” have been reconciled to God by the cross of the Lord Jesus? Does this mean everyone will eventually get to heaven? How do we understand this universal reconciliation?

The Sorcerer At Paphos

Acts 13:4-13 — God has given Believers many promises in Scripture but He has never promised that they would be free from opposition. Opposition is a reality as the missionaries found out on their first journey. How would they respond?