Part 2 – History Or Prophecy?

Matthew 24:1-14, Luke 21:5-20 — There are three versions of the Olivet Discourse in the New Testament, one in each of the Synoptic Gospels. The differences between each account become apparent in a quick read through. In this study we begin by looking at the time references in Matthew and Luke’s account and we see that the Discourse is set out in chronological order.

There are two questions this poses for us from our vantage point: (1) Is the discourse history, prophecy or does it contain both? And (2) if it contains both, where do we draw the line? What parts have been fulfilled and what have not? This is what we think about in this message, as well as some other important interpretive questions about Matthew’s account and the destruction of the Temple. 

We finish with Jesus’ opening sentence. It is a warning about being led astray by false teachers and it is very applicable to Jesus’ disciples today. If ever they could be misled by false teaching about prophecy it’s today with the pervasiveness of the internet and social media.