Depravity & Desecration – Part 2

Jeremiah 7:29-8:1 — “They shall bring out the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of his princes, the bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets…And they shall spread them before the sun, and the moon, and all the host of heaven…” 

What Jeremiah describes here is a grotesque act of desecration that the Babylonians would perform when they besieged Jerusalem. It was an act intended to intimidate the inhabitants of the city, but more than that, it was a message from the LORD. 

As we consider this awful text, we are reminded of the futility of idolatry and of how foolish we are when we place our trust in anything else other than the Creator. We also discover a picture that points us to our ever-living and unfailing Prophet, Priest and KingJesus Christ.